October 2021

Plant-Friendly Recipe Books: Micheline B

September 2021

Back to School Prize Pk: Aliya D
Love to Knit Prize Pk: Chris B
Lit for Little Hands Books: Donna L
Origami Train, Planes & Automobiles: Ed H
Sustainable Knitting: Brigitte B
Essential Oils Healing Deck: Thomas G
Dreambuilders Bluray/DVD: Heather J, Tahsin T, Julie F

August 2021

Unicorn Activity Books: Gaye M
Intuitive Wisdom Tarot: Monique S
Family Chillaxing Prize Pk: Lillian B
Cariloha $100 GC: Haley B
NG Shark Books: Colleen D
Marie Diamond Magical 2021: Darlene D

July 2021

Self-Care Wellness Prize Pk: Calla C
Insight Tarot Deck: Ron P
Cariloha $100 G.C:  Dana B
Sesame Street Cool Counting DVD: Piroska B, Victoria P
Take Charge Of Your Life Books: Kam P
Crocheting is Addictive Prize Pk: Renee P

June 2021

National Geographic DinoMania Books: Lynette W
Vogue Knitting Stitch Dictionary: Lauryn R
Kid’s Delightful Spring Reads: Mandy T
Crochet Animal Slippers: Bobbijo P
Fun Father’s Day Prize Pk: Laura F
Kid’s Father’s Day Books: Carol W

May 2021

Crochet Motifs & Pokemon: Heidi B
Grail Tarot Deck: Gabrielle L
Julia Child Notecards: Sharon W
Mother’s Day Journals: Viv S
Cariloha $100 GC: Lisa D
One-Skein Wonder Knitting: Melissa S

April 2021

Spring Break Reads: Roseanne R
Kid’s Inspirational Reads: Kim R
Origami Animals & Critters: Tina F
Floriography: Susan A
Kid’s Spring & Easter Books: Ken W
NG Easter Books: Megan A
WishCraft & Intuitive Tarot: Janet K

March 2021

Warm Buddy Slippers: Teresa D
Pinch of Nom Cookbook: Amanda M
SpreadStone Kitchen Counter Kit:  Shirley O
P.S. I Love You Prize Pk: Louise S
Mary’s Crackers: Deborah D
100 Cookies Cookbooks: Janet M
Goddess Tarot & Smudge Sticks: Gabrielle L
Cariloha $100 GC: Michelle C

February 2021

Whole Person Integrative: Nikki H
Family Enriching Prize Pk: Debbie A
Kid’s Boredom Buster Books:  Darlene C
Origami Love Prize Pk: Susan L
Healing Crystals Ultimate Bundle: Paula S
NG Valentine’s Books: Megan A
Coloring Book Prize Pk: Lisa M

January 2021

Haflinger Slippers: Piper C
Candlewick Christmas Storybooks: Jennifer C
National Geo Books: April S
PenSilly Game & Laser Toys: Jessica W
Kid’s Enchanting Reads: Jenness M
Warm Buddy Kitten:  Amy M
Sea Glass Journal & Calendar:  Alyce P

December 2020
Advent Calendars:  Theresa D
Big Book of Homemade Products:  Jennifer C
Ho Ho Ho Holiday Reading:  Lynne M
Vegan Recipe Books:  Tony P
Christmas Storybook Collection:  Heather J
Knitting & Crocheting Craft Books:  Janet K
Mindful Tarot Decks:  Andrea H
Festive Reads:  Elissa H
Warm Buddy Labrador Puppy:  Sue E
Very Merry Xmas Cookbooks:  Joni W
Inspirational Visions Oracle Deck:  Jamie P

November 2020
Spirited Away:  Darlene D
Ultimate Spy & Forensic Science:  Jennifer P
Willand Backpacks:  Shari D,  L. Peters
Manifestation Prize Pk:  Andrea H
Thomas & The Magic Railroad:  Ed H,  Linda H,  Wendy J
Dinosaur Books:  Sharon T
Science Books: Joanne D
First Children’s Dictionary: Noah W
Kid’s Snuggle Time Reads:  Mike G
Oracle Decks for Personal Growth: Stacey M
Inventions, Inventors & Discoveries: Helena N
Animal & Amigurumi Crochet Books:  Joni W
Butterfly Origami:  Janet K

October 2020
Cariloha $100 GC: Terry P
Kids Entrancing Storybooks: Stephanie L
Knitting for Little Sweethearts:  Terry P
Dozop Dolly:  Megan W
Haunted Houses: Carol D
Reflexology & Grounding:  Micheline B
Happy Halloween Books:  Marilyn C
Kids Spooks, Monsters & Villains Prize Pk:  Sandra D
Nat Geo Kids Home Essential Bundle:  Angie A
LEGO Star Wars Books: Dianne G

September 2020
LEGO Harry Potter:  Kim P
Weighted Blanket:  Deborah W
Kid’s Concept Books:  Kim R
Merriam-Webster Kid’s Dictionary: Monique S
Beside U Backpack – Debbie B
Beside U Handbag – Cheryl G
Back to School Fun Pack:  Ali K
Smithsonian Human Body Encyc:  Lynda C
Energy Secrets & Sacred Chakras:  Stacey M

August 2020
Crystal Guidebooks:  Teresa D
Ayurveda & Raw Foods:  Cairine S
Kids Nat. Geo. Books:  Em M
Cariloha $100 GC:  Donna L
Math Genius Prize Pk:  Elaine G
Kid’s Earth, Rocks & Mineral Encyl: Barna E
Graceful Coloring Books:  Renee T

July 2020
Lego 365 & Ninja Kit:  Emily J
Netflix $100 GC:  Will G
Zendoodle Coloring Books:  Angela D
NG Summer Books Prize Pk:  Alison M
Summer Read for Preschoolers: Mickey R
Explanatorium of Animals:  Piroska B
Leonardo da Vinci Origami:  Janet K