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As Valentine’s Day approaches you may be pondering, planning, and preparing a special something for that special someone. But, with our current health situation, we may have to dig a little deeper and come up with some clever ideas to still create a memorable date night. While some rules have relaxed and restaurants and businesses are starting to open up again, you might want to get out and dine somewhere. Then how about a special gift? Tired of giving the some-ole, same-ole chocolates and flowers? Then you can lavish them with some personal items that will make the moment even more precious and impressive. If you’re up for that, here are just a few ideas you may want to include in your special date night.

the little love book

The Little Love Book, Happily. Ever. After shares a lovely collection of inspiriting and heart-warming quotes, excerpts, stories, passages, recitations, reflections of wisdom, and more that focus solely around love and affection. There are even a few exercises you can do to express your feelings of love for someone. It’s an enchanting little book that will inspire and uplift your spirit. “The capacity of loving is the largest of my powers”. Elizabeth Barrett Browning!

Spark Passion love ideas

Is your love life flickering? Need a little more spark in your intimate relationship? The Spark Passion, 50 Ways sto Spice Up Your Sex Life may be just what you need. This hot pink match box will strike some new ways to ignite and rekindle that untamed passion. Inside are 50 pretty faux matches with a pink heart pattern on one side and romantic suggestion on the otherside that will make the sparks fly. Here are a few examples! Share a secret or fantasy with each other! Plan a steamy getaway!

Lucky Tickets Romance love tokens

The Lucky Tickets Romance is another way to spice up your relationship. Inside are 12 golden foiled, perforated tickets that your partner can redeem anytime they need some tender loving care. You can give the whole booklet at once or offer one ticket at a time. Your love is priceless and these thoughtful, kind, and loving acts will endear you to each other even more. So, what do the tickets offer? Ticket #7 – A Candlelit Dinner – I can cook or take you out, but your favorite food is on the menu! There is also space on the back of the tickets where you can add a special message for that personal touch. Plus, there is one extra blank ticket that you can create your own unique treat. These would be perfect for date night or when you just want to show that special person how much they mean to you! secret code: amore

The Rainbow One Line a Day – A Five-Year Memory Books is a beautiful keepsake. It offers a way for us to capture and memorialize special moments every day of the year for five years. There is just enough space to write a brief thought every day. As the year ends, you start again and get to revisit the thought you wrote a year ago. It’s divided into months and each month has its own unique color. Plus, there is a green ribbon to keep you in place. It will be a book that is treasured for a long time.

LEGO We Just Click love book

LEGO We Just Click is filled with sweet, sentimental, and humorous views on love. Each page features an iconic LEGO mini-character image and an endearing or funny quote. A lot of the quotes are neutral and feature many diverse relationships and proclivities of love, so this book can even be given to a friend or people you click with. Or if you have a LEGO fan in your circles, it’s an ideal gift.

LEGO Rainbow brick puzzle

The LEGO Rainbow Bricks jigsaw puzzle is another way to bond with loved ones or enjoy some alone time. It includes 1000 pieces of LEGO colored brick in all shades of the rainbow from one end of the spectrum to the other.

These items are all unique gifts you can give any time throughout the year. Don’t wait for a special occasion to tell someone how much you love them! Express your love every day of the year!

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.


  1. I would like to win this prize pack for my daughter who recently got married. This will be to remind them why they married during hard times.

  2. I want to win this prize pack as I hardly ever am able to spoil myself with items like these for Valentine’s Day.

  3. I would love to win this prize because after 31 years of marriage, I need all the help I can get to make Valentine’s fun again! 💙

  4. I would.lobe to win this prize because even though we are still working from home and we see each other every day all day long, I think this would remind us how much we really love each other.

  5. My husband and I have been assembling LEGO together since we first started dating. It’s our hobby together and these would be quite special to us!

  6. As a single mom, Valentine’s day can be pretty hard but I love all the fun ideas given here and I’d love to win them and share with my family!

  7. Love is the strongest emotion in the world.Reading the comments it looks like most people have someone in mind for these wonderful gifts.That in itself is the way it should be because giving to those we love makes everyone happy.When people are happy they have a better chance of being healthy.I would like to win to give most of them to family members.I think I may wish to keep The Little Love Book .It sounds precious.

  8. I would love this prize pack because it has some pretty awesome items for me and my hubs to enjoy! Thank you for the chance!

  9. I love fun stuff! Always good to use your imagination and have fun with things! Living in a rural area I don’t have access to purchasing items like this locally. Thanks for the chance.

  10. I would love to win this prize because I have been stuck inside only watching movies this month so far because my significant other and I both had COVID. We’re both so tired and haven’t been able to work much, so no big Valentine’s plans. These activities would be so fun to do something different that we can’t afford right now! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  11. I would love to win this because after 10 years and 4 kids this would be amazing and fun for our relationship! Thank you for the opportunity!

  12. My daughter is a Lego Maniac right now, she would go nuts to get her hands on that love themed Lego book!

  13. This would brighten our days — and nights! I had an anniversary in December, and winning such a prize now would be like a belated anniversary/Valentine’s Day gift in one. Lots of fun stuff to make use of.

  14. I would love to win this so I can use the one line a day journal. I think it is a great way to capture why you love someone

  15. We have done the the given each other the coupons of love 💕 before. It was fun!! I would love to win this package! Thank you for the opportunity!

  16. I would love to win because this all looks like fun! My hubby and I haven’t been able to go out by ourselves in years (3 kids and no babysitters), so our dates nights have to be at home…. this looks like some fun date night goodies!

  17. This is a perfect prize because my wife loves to journal and do puzzles and we are both love lego and in need of a few fun ideas for our in-home date nights once we put the kids to bed.

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