Honeylove Sculptwear

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As we age, our skin wrinkles, sags, and we develop, through poor lifestyle choices, lumps, bumps, and unwanted humps. Not to mention the pounds we pack on – that seem to increase each year. Sting! We look in the mirror and try to hold back the tears and feelings of disappointment. It can be a little discouraging not having that perfect body we’ve coveted most of our lives. But body image bullying is over! Regardless of our shape, we are all beautiful. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and many women are now embracing their lovely lady lumps. We’re channeling our inner diva! But, we can use some help with definition and Honeylove Sculptwear , the World’s Most Innovative Shapewear, is going to help us accentuate our curves in all the right places and expose a sexier figure.

Why Honeylove

Honeylove Power Garments

You may have tried various shapewear brands and discovered that they don’t fit as indicated. They may be too small, too tight, and roll. With Honyelove, their SoftFlex structures in the side seams prevent the garment from rolling down, and BoostBands on our thigh-length products keep leg fabric from inching up. They are the next generation in shapewear.

Liftwear Tank

Honeylove Liftwear Tank

Ditch your bra and feel the lift. The LiftWear Tank provides a supportive fit in places we really need it, while still being comfortable enough to wear every day. It provides wireless underbust support, flexible structures to keep chest forward, has targeted smoothing over the tummy area, and no back bulging.

SuperPower Short

Honeylove SuperPower Short

The Honeylove Super Power Short is a one-piece that stays up and supports your posture.
*Flexible bones in the side seams keep your garment up without fail – move, bend, stretch. It’s not going anywhere. *Targeted compression tones tummy! It shapes where you want shaping and leaves space at the waistband and leg hems to remove that embarrassing “muffin effect.”
*Boost bands tone legs and define the buns and encircle your upper back legs, creating a sculpted effect while lifting the booty.

SuperPower Brief

Honeylove SuperPower Brief

The SuperPower Briefs Sculptwear’s targeted compression works using panels of varying compression to shape where you want shaping and release everywhere else.
*Supportive SoftFlex structures in the side seams keep your garment (and your back) straight. Bend, reach and wiggle – your Sculptwear will stay put. Smoothing without cutting in.
*Why squeeze everywhere when you really only want compression in a few places? We mapped the body and patterned the compression in the exact right places.
*Shorter length for summer styles.SoftFlex structures gently support your spine while being flexible enough to move with your busy life

Queen Brief

Honeylove Queen Brief

The Honeylove Queen Briefs was designed to empower. Strong lines flatter while SoftFlex supports keep you standing tall.
*Never Rolls Down -SoftFlex structures move with you, gently support your posture, and prevent roll-down. You’ll completely forget you’re wearing it.
*Smooth Finish – Stretch compression fabrics were designed to smooth without causing visible panty lines. Honeylove always has your back!
*Targeted compression – Smart fabrics in our hourglass design utilize opposing forces to smooth your abdomen, creating a toned finish in fitted outfits.
*Flattering Design – Who said shapewear can’t be sexy?? We didn’t think we should have to keep our skivvies a secret and decided to make every Honeylove garment, well… cute. We hope you feel regal wearing the Queen

SuperPower Thong

Honeylove SuperPower Thong

The Honeylove SuperPower Thong seamlessly transitions without panty-lines, while targeting compression panels shape where you want shaping. They’re comfortable, reduce pantyline and they scream sexy!

These Honeylove power garments are must-have accessories. They’re fashion game-changers! They are the reason you will look fabulous in everything you wear! You will feel sexy and unstoppable!