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One of the best things about the holiday season is the movies and books that celebrate the festive months. It’s fun to hang out with the family and read Christmas inspired stories that warm your heart and fill your spirit with love, joy, and peace. Of course, we have our favorite stories that we read year after year, but it’s exciting to introduce new titles that will expand our holiday cheer. This year I have several new books and they all add to the holiday experience in their own unique way. Here are 3 of those titles.

WE are Santa holiday reading

We Are Santa Portraits and Profiles features the men and women who thrive to be the best Santa, Mrs. Clause, or Elf possible. All these men fit the profile. They are cheerful, burly guys with long white beards and their goal are to spread joy during the holiday season. And this responsibility is taken very seriously and passionately as they embody the traits and characteristics of jolly St. Nick. These men train to be a Santa that kids will remember and think fondly of. Did you know there are several schools for people of all ages to learn how to become the ideal Santa, Elf, or Mrs. Claus? You’ll get a glimpse into the lives of these people and enjoy the before and after portraits. They truly know and live the spirit of the holidays.

a dog's perfect Christmas - holiday reading

A Dog’s Perfect Christmas is a heartwarming story that every family and relate to. Today there are so many struggles we have to endure individually and collectively as a family. The story shares the struggles of the Goss family. Dealing with an illness, job loss, kids to feed and dress, and personality differences, their household is a little uncomfortable with so much distress. But then along comes a puppy who needs a home. Animals are gracious, gentle, and devoted beings that offer nothing but love to anyone wishing to receive it with open arms. It’s beautiful as the lives of this family are interwoven with this little pup. secret code: yuletide.

Little book of Christmas for holiday reading

The Littlest Book of Christmas Ho Ho Ho is filled with the joy and festivities of Christmas. It sets the tone by starting off with the perspective and definition of Christmas. It includes famous quotes, Bible verses, poems, song lyrics, and more. It poses questions that readers can reflect on and shares some holiday traditions from around the world. It also shares events related to Christmas and several addresses if you want to write Santa. There is much fun information in this tiny book, making it a jolly read.


  1. Would love to win so I can enjoy the joy and happiness of christmas through the story, and then share with others who might want to read also.

  2. I love Christmas!!! This year we need even more Christmas cheer and I’m sure these books will be perfect for that. 💙 Thanks for the chance and early Merry Christmas!

  3. I’d love to read this and then pass on to my daughter to read as well. Christmas feel good movies and stories are the best!

  4. Such a very special time of year to enjoy wonderful Christmas stories. These books offer whimsical and happy thoughts and inspire as well. A beautiful way to create memories together ❤

  5. Christmas books are a favorite of mine and with COVID it is difficult to get books even from the libraries.These are books you could reread every year!

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