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Floriography, The Myths, Magic & Language of Flowers

We enjoy flowers year-round for their beauty, fragrance, and mood-lifting properties. They are the perfect gift to brighten one’s day, be offered as an apology, or to show sympathy in times of need. We all have certain flowers that we dearly love and have an emotional attachment to. Some we love because of the color or shape, others because of their aromatic scent, and still others because they evoke fond memories. But still, some flowers will automatically be associated with an event, an emotion, a myth, or even a remedy. Floriography, The Myths, Magic & Language of Flowers delves into the meanings of 50 beloved flowers sharing where they originate be it ancient mythology or hedgerow folklore!

My mother had a penchant for floral names, so my sister and I both got named after her favorite plants. I personally have never met anyone with the name Lilac and they do happen to be one of my favorite flowers. I’ve never dived into the flower’s meaning, so it was interesting to learn how the flower played a role in various cultures.

Did you know that Lily of the Valley has been associated with a holy man and a dragon? Want to know how the four-leaf clover became viewed as a lucky object? Want to know what flower was used in a love potion to make Queen Titiana fall in love with the first creature she sees upon waking? Folklore has it that fairies take shelter in Anemone flowers. They close up the petals and fall asleep within its fragrant shelter. Secret code: poppies.

Other flowers covered within these pages are the Wattle, Iris, Violet, Tulip, Lotus, Daisy, Edelweiss, Forget-me-not, Wisteria, Bluebell and many more. Each flower has a surprising bit of history and folklore that only adds to its beauty.

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  1. I love gardening so learning the history of some of my favorite flowers would be very interesting to me.

  2. Our family is planning out our gardens for our forever home and this would be so helpful. The passion we have found through gardening is astounding, the kids and my husband have really found the love of it.

  3. Tulips are my favorite flower. I saw tulip and wanted to know more. They are the flower that got my husband and I together–unknowning to him at the time that I loved the flower.

  4. Really nice to learn more about the history of flowers and the myths and magic associated with it all.

  5. My Grandma loved flowers and knew so much about them and had stories about flowers. She’s been gone a few years but certain flowers make me think of her. This would be such a perfect thing to read over and learn more.

  6. I am a gardener so food and flowers are what I focus on the most. I also really like history and I think this would give me some background on the plants and their uses.

  7. This book looks so gorgeous that it would provide great inspiration for my spring planting.

  8. I have always enjoyed knowing what different flowers mean and it would be nice to have a book for easy access to this information!

  9. I love learning bits of trivia. Flowers are so uplifting and I would love to learn the meaning behind them

  10. I’ve worked in flower gardens for years. It is one of my favorite things. But, while I know the names of many flowers, I don’t know where the names come from. This book would explain the myths and lore of my favorite flowers!!

  11. This would be a wonderful book to read. I love gardening, flowers, and it would be fascinating to learn the language of flowers.

  12. Oh wow! I was honestly just researching floriography the other day and how the Victorians used it. One article said it was similar to how we would use emojis today! I thought that was really neat. So of course, I’d love to learn more!

  13. The very last birthday card I received from my great grandfather had a daffodil on it. In addition to being the first flowers that I see each spring, daffodils always remind my of him. We’re planning some additional planting areas and containers at our home, so a book with more information would help us make some choices. Although I have a few favorite flowers, I don’t really know much about their history and symbolism.

  14. Such a lovely book! My mother shared her love of gardening with me and this brings back nice memories.

  15. This would make a perfect gift for my best friend, who is practically obsessed with plants and flowers.

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