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Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendars

Who doesn’t love celebrating and preparing for the holiday season? The joyful carols, decadent baking, festive malls, and tree decorating all magnify the anticipation of Christmas morning. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s the middle of November right now and for many, the countdown to Christmas has already started. But, for those you love to stick with tradition or are inspired by the message and reminders of hope, reflection and excited expectation, the Advent Calendars is a meaningful and fun part of the festive season. This year, the 2020 Advent Calendars are delightful and will help you and your family celebrate the arrival of Christmas.

The Michael Storrings Snowscape Advent Calendar will make your holiday season merry and bright. Its cover is festive, cheerful, and filled with all things Christmasy. Children are skating, people are shopping, and a huge tree is decorated with an abundance of lights and ornaments. Kids will look forward to opening a window each day during the 24 days prior to Christmas day. Each flap has a fun and heartwarming activity hidden behind it that the whole family can do as they draw a day closer to the best day of the year. It has a ribbon hanger so you can display the calendar in your favorite easy-to-reach spot all December. No peeking! secret code: skating.

The Festive Bookshelf Advent Calendar features rows and rows of vintage books that adore several shelves. These books will reveal a secret message during the holiday season. Some of the books have numbers on them to correspond with the countdown to Christmas. Open the flap and enjoy the magical artwork embellished with foil and inspirational words. It has a red ribbon on the top for easy display and can be enjoyed year after year.

The Countdown to Christmas is a delightful board book for toddlers. It’s filled with adorable animals celebrating the holiday season by decorating the tree and home, baking festive foods, and waiting for Santa. Each page has a dial on the side that young children can turn and watch the images change right in front of them. The back of the book is the most exciting. It has a fold-out advent calendar just for kids. It features a whimsical outdoor Christmas woodland scene and there are 24 tiny flaps kids can open as Christmas day approaches. Plus, it’s a fun way for toddlers to learn how to count. It’s the perfect storybook and advent calendar for babies and toddlers.

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  1. My youngest son is learning to read and this would be wonder and exciting to him. Anything these days to help out kids get excited for learning 🙂

  2. I would like to win this for my two boys to enjoy. BUT by the time the contest is over and whoever wins receives it-it will be too late. I find that this is true for many, many Christmas giveaways. By the time the contests end-prizes won’t be received until too late for Christmas. Sad that this can’t be figured out by the ones running the contests. They could be started earlier or end earlier to ensure they arrive to winners before Christmas or in this case before count down to Christmas begins.

  3. Christmas is such an exciting time, we love the daily mini celebrations, we make our own to celebrate other holidays too, nice to stretch out the fun. My kids would enjoy this one!

  4. It’s been so long since I had an Advent calendar and now is a very good time to take care of oneself. I would be nifty to win this prize!

  5. I would love to win this cuz my deaf son enjoy to open surprise inside ever since never forget good memories for us have wonderful xmas time

  6. These are great for the holidays. I love to give them to my nieces and nephews each year. They live to receive them, it’s become a tradition.

  7. This calendar would get the grandkids excited to know how many more days until presents 🎁 and it helps me not to answer that question 100 times 😃

  8. I would love to win an advent calendar to open with my daughter. Covid has been hard on everyone , and Alli is Autistic so has not left the house since March. Opening a window each day would be so fun for her.

  9. I would love to win because my daughter is just old enough now to understand the idea of an advent calendar and she would love having it to look forward to every day.

  10. I would love to win for my kids! advent calendars are such a fun way to count down to christmas and have an extra special moment each day, which we all could use this year!

  11. Finding my son a great advent calendar has been a Christmas tradition of mine forever. Already have his for this year…he’s 19 now 🙂

  12. My granddaughter lives across the country, so I don’t see her very often. An advent calendar is one way for her to think of me every day she opens a door! And I can imagine her delight every day she does too!

  13. My grand nephew would love an advent calendar. We need more excitement for Christmas this year being trapped in the house because of COVID.

  14. I love Advent calendars! It helps build my Christmas spirit every year. I could share the Toddler book with a friend as well.

  15. Counting down to Christmas is so much fun – a family tradition. Would also love to share one of these great calendars with a co-worker of mine who starts the countdown to Christmas in July, lol!!!!

  16. Thank You Great prize, I would like to win because Advent Calendars have always been a fun part of the Christmas season for my family.

  17. I would love to win this calendar for my home. It would make my home look and feel like Christmas is just around the corner. I have lots of options on where I would hang it among the rest of my Christmas decorations.

  18. Would love these for my boys! My son is on the autism spectrum and my nephew is in my care full time. They both love their treats and I would love to see their faces if I surprised them with advent calendars!

  19. Advent calendars are so much fun! And just that little extra every day makes the Christmas spirit last and last! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  20. I LOVE Advent Calendars, but they’re not terribly easy to find. They are much more popular in other countries, so the selection in the US is scant. I would love to win this cute set!!

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