Ayurveda - Holiday Gift Guide - Self-Care

Celebrate the Gift of Health this Holiday Season with Ayurveda’s Sneak Peek Deals!

Ah! The Holidays are Here!  We’ve made our gift list and we’re looking for health-inspired deals for our family, friends and ourselves!

Lucky for you and your loved ones, The Ayurveda Experience has curated an extra-special list of self-care gift sets for the 2020 holiday season that cover both gifting and glowing excellently. Click on the image below to see the deals.

No matter who is on your list — or what their skin type may be — brightening, hydrating, and blemish-busting kits are accounted for. 

They even have sets for your yogi friend who loves yoga more than life, for that long-distance friend who always puts everyone else first and deserves to be appreciated, for the ever-organized and always put-together Work-from-Home-er friend, for the friend who works the front lines at hospitals, for the sister who always has your back and mom who never fails to direct the holiday card and many many more! 

In short, they’ve got you covered from everyone from your BFF to your Secret Santa! 

With huge price-cuts during their Black Friday Special (starting next week!), they’ll be running out of stock faster than on any other average day!

BUT – This Black Friday is different! This time, you’ll get chances (yes, chances in PLURAL!) to get not one, not two… but 4 different gifts on different days of the Special

That’s right! This year, over the course of their Black Friday Week, you won’t just be able to get ONE gift with purchases over $134 CAD, but every 48 hours, the gift will change and you’ll be able to get different unique, luxe gifts on different days!

holiday deals

(There’s an exclusive gift reserved for day 1 only for early birds – sign up here if you want to get this gift worth $94 on purchases above $134 CAD!)

So, add your favorites to your cart NOW, and you can be amongst the first to complete your shopping when Black Friday Celebrations begin! 

Shop their top picks this holiday season with discounts up to 50% and exciting different exquisite, unique, luxe gifts! 

Pssstttt… Here’s a sneak peek at the Best Deals of the Year… and, one of their newest launches this Black Friday! 

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