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If I could sum it up in a single word, one of the biggest things I love about Christmas and the whole holiday season is the ambiance. It envelops so many wonderful aspects like festive lights, decorations, music, food and time spent together as a family. One of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit and create warm and cozy memories is by reading enchanting holiday-inspired stories. It’s fun to bring out our favorite holiday fairytales and revisit that magical story. They warm our hearts, comfort our souls and evoke tender memories. While it’s endearing to reconnect with these stories, it’s also fun to add new holiday stories that will engage children’s imaginations and reveries. Here are a few new holiday titles we added to our family collection. Your kids may like them too.

My Christmas Wish for You

My Christmas Wish for You

At the onset of the holiday season, kids are very eager to make their Christmas wish list and check it twice. Anything goes when it comes to these lists because a wish can be whatever your heart desires. My Christmas Wish for You is a beautiful festive story that shares a timeless message. It’s about spreading holiday cheer, Christmas joy, and generosity. It reminds us what truly is important and what Christmas is all about: togetherness, the spirit of giving, and spreading goodwill with heaps of heart.

Each star you see on Christmas Eve…
is a wish that’s come true for those who believe

The story is written in a rhyming format that has a lovely bouncy flow that kids love. All the illustrations are bright, colorful and captivating — and they inspire kids to read on. It’s a charming story that reminds us about the simple joys in life that we sometimes take for granted. Ages 3-5 years

Construction Site: Merry and Bright

Construction Site: Merry and Bright

Construction Site: Merry and Bright is a sweet little board book that has flaps for toddlers to lift. As you are reading the story, lift the flap to reveal more of the story and what each truck is bringing to their celebration. Christmas Eve is here and the big trucks are ready for the festivities. There is so much work to do, but trucks of all kinds and sizes chip in to make the construction site, merry and bright! The storyline is captivating and heartwarming. The illustrations are busy, bold, and beckon kids to turn the page. Ages 2-4 years. secret code: holly.

How to Catch a Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread cookies are part of the holiday tradition every year. We love to make, bake and decorate these scrumptious confections. But, what if one just happened to jump out of a storybook? That is exactly what happened in the How to Catch a Gingerbread Man storybook. Imagine walking into a library and the librarian is reading a story, but all of a sudden a wily gingerbread cookie escapes the pages with great speed. How is that possible? Now it’s up to the kids to catch the cookie and return him to his book. What an adventure this rascal takes the kids on! This story is so much fun to read and the kids will be on the edge of their seats! Ages 4-7 years

Twas the Night Before Christmas in Canada

Twas the Night Before Christmas in Canada

Twas the Night Before Christmas is a classic story we enjoy reading every holiday season. But, this version is a retelling of the same story, but focused on Santa’s trip to Canada. Young readers can follow Santa as he flys across the country, stopping in all the homes of kids on his nice list. Winnipeg, Calgary, Halifax, Toronto, Vancouver, Yellowknife are some places St. Nick stops to drop off gifts and enjoy his cookies and milk! The illustrations are beautiful and festive. Kids will enjoy this festive adaption and will read this story over and over every year. Ages 4-8 years

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  1. I would love to win this for my kids, I am trying to collect christmas books that can be read for years to come as a new tradition.

  2. What wonderful books!! My grandsons are learning to read simultaneously in German and in English, so I love to bring them English books when I visit 🙂

  3. we look forward to pulling out all our Christmas books each year, and try to add a new one every year. this would add to the collection that we all love so much!

  4. Would love to read this as my son has a speech delay and I feel that he could benifet from being read to as much as possible plus Christmas is coming up⛄🎉

  5. I would love to win these books for my grandson.I am an avid reader & I think reading is a great thing that should be a part of every kids/persons life.Reading can take you on a journey & help create imagination & vision,it’s a wonderful thing!

  6. I would love to win because we love having festive/seasonal books in our house – my kids love bringing them out for the holiday season, and love reading them each night.

  7. My daughter absolutely loves to read and enjoys getting new books in the mail so much , i like getting to see my little one soo excited

  8. I’d love to win these books so I can donate them for the Christmas auction of my favorite no kill animal shelter.

  9. My 2 yr old niece loves books but she doesn’t have any holiday ones yet. I’d love to give her these for Christmas

  10. Long road to get my kid to read so maybe some holiday themed books can help a bit. Plus who does not love Christmas stories.

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