Japanese Knitting & Chinese Knotting

Whether you’re a newbie or an avid crafter, you most likely have a wide variety of craft books. They inspire you to cultivate a new hobby or allow you to indulge in your passion for a specific craft. Some of these books may come from different countries where skilled artisan have shared their craft for others to learn. I’m addicted to knitting and crocheting so I’m always searching for books with new ideas, new patterns and new stitches. I’m also open to learning new crafts, which is why I love my two new books, Japanese Knitting Stitches and The Complete Book of Chinese Knotting.

Japanese Knitting Stitches

Japanese Knitting

The Japanese Knitting Stitches book is a detailed stitch dictionary featuring 150 delightful patterns. They range from simple to more complicated expert level stitches. Each pattern will feature a swatch along with a graph. You will not find written instructions for the patterns per se. The graphs have symbols that represent specific stitches. You’ll find the complete Symbol and Abbreviation Directory and Knitting Basics at the back of the book. Some you may be familiar with, others you’ll be introduced to. Some of these include Lace Motifs, Smocking, Openwork Stitches, Color Changing Patterns, Stranded Patterns, Bobbles, Edgings, 3-D and many more.

There are written instructions for each symbol that you can follow to create the pattern. But for visual learners, there is also an illustration section called Knitting Basics that uses diagrams. Once you are familiar with the stitches, you can make any of the included seven projects.
Include Projects
A cardigan with charming crocheted strawberry garland
A multi-colored, fringed neck wrap
A pair of funky, sculptural arm-warmers—toasty and multi-textured
A charming Fair Isle knitted basket bag
A pair of fluffy, cuffed mittens
An elegant A-line textured wool sweater suitable for any body type
A chic Nordic-patterned short coat

Japanese Knitting Stitches will be a valued addition to your craft book collection and a go-to reference and resource book for future projects.

The Complete Book of Chinese Knotting

The Complete Book of Chinese Knotting – A Compendium of Techniques and Variations will expose readers to one of the most beautiful folk art crafts in the world. Decorate knots originated in China during the Tang and Song dynasty (960–1279 CE). Today it’s still a flourishing art form and Chinese Knots have been used numerous fashion accessories from hair ornaments to jewelry to clothing accents. Taking a cue from ancient artifacts, these graceful knots can also be used to embellish tapestries, paintings, boxes and whatever your imagination envisions.

Due to the complicated weaves and weave sequences, Chinese knots have unlimited possibilities. This book starts off with fourteen basic knots which can be used on any project. These knots include the Cloverleaf, Pan Chang, Round Brocade, Constellation, Good Luck, Buddha, Double Connection, Plafond, Flat, Button, Double Coin, Cross, Creeper and Tassel. It’s followed with a section that teaches nice ways to modify these basic knots.

Each knot has a photo and several illustrations that you can follow and recreate the same knot. Plus modified versions can be made with the included instructions. If you are looking for a new craft, this decorative art form will add much beauty to your life.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.


  • I am always interested in fine knitting and needlework. especially the Asian techniques. These books look great!

  • I would love to give the knitting book to my mom who is an amazing knitter and I would keep the chinese knotting book for myself to try!

  • When I looked at the pictures on the cover of the Chinese knotting book I was amazed to think it is something I could possibly do myself.

  • This looks like a new craft I could really get into and even share this with my daughter

  • I travelled to China many years ago and purchased some red Chinese knots that I hang on my. Christmas tree. I would love to learn how to create these knots myself!

  • My daughter is just showing interest in knitting and crafting… This book would be awesome to introduce her to!

  • I would like to win this prize because I would like to expand my craft knowledge. I find knitting so relaxing. Always good to learn new techniques.

  • When I was in grade 2, I learned how to knit and crochet. Grade3 I learned how to sew and made myself a three arm hole wrap around dress. Then later I got into beadwork and making jewellery, Then it was macrame, Then woodworking My newest hobby is making touques and socks with a knitting loop, What takes up most of my time now is computers, always researching and learning. I would really enjoy adding Chinese knotting and Japanese knitting. I never heard of these two and will research them. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
    I am very excited about this contest.

    • How I wish I had the same education for knitting crochet and sewing! If I don’t win, I hope you do!

  • I’d love to win as I enjoy crafty projects and feel like I should know more about my culture

  • I would love to win because I’ve been looking at getting into knitting and this would be a great place to start as I love Asian culture.

  • Looks like a really interesting technique and I would love to learn and have a new hobby .

  • I’d love to win because it’s always fun to learn about new knitting stitch patterns.

  • I love knitting but also love learning new to me techniques. This book would fill that bill.

  • To learn how to Chinese knot, as my job has lots of downtime I can use for something productive like learning this craft

  • I have always had an enjoyment of Asian crafts and would be very interested in learning these two.

  • I wanted the entries for entering this contest for the kids book collection contest.

  • My daughter is a great crocheter and I’m betting she would love to get into these books.

  • I’ll have quite a bit of time off of work soon, and would love to have a new craft to make the time go by!

  • I was able to learn knitting (tension problems) but I did master crochet enough to make a very sturdy tote bag. I always wanted to learn tatting; when a course came up in my neighbourhood, I immediately signed up. Unfortunately, my work then required me to be out of town every other week and I could not keep up. The Chinese knotting seems to make similar structures and I would love to learn how to do this craft.

  • I love the idea of keeping traditional crafts and ideas alive. My family tree has Asian branches, so this is also a chance to learn more of that culture.