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5 Natural Ways to Prevent Cancer

Cancer is one of the worst diseases to be diagnosed with. Last year I lost my sister to this horrific disease and it’s something I’m not sure I’ll ever get over. I miss her terribly. New research and treatments are always on the horizon, but there are things we can do now that can prevent cancer from becoming our reality. There are copious foods and treatments that have helped many people, but healing starts with our mindset.

Don’t Talk or Think About It

The law of attraction says that the more you talk about or think about something – cancer- the more you attract and manifest it into your life. Some doctors say that even if you’re going through cancer right now, focusing on proactive healing is far more beneficial. Eat a healthy diet and find joy are just a few ways to get your mind on the right track.


If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you need to know that exercise is a very important component when dealing with any health crisis, especially cancer. It’s a factor that will keep you happy in mind, body and spirit. Find a physical activity or sport that resonates with you – walking, swimming, yoga – do something every day. Exercise strengthens your immune system, controls weight and releases feel-good endorphins.


There are lots of programs out there that are honed to healing cancers and other serious health conditions. Chris Beat Cancer shares and teaches what every cancer patient needs to know about healing. Chris himself healed from terminal cancer several years ago. The Medical Medium shares all kinds of valuable information and tons or recipes that will restore our health if we put forth the effort. Markus Rothkranz healed himself of several serious conditions by eating a raw food diet. He’s gone on to help copious people recharge and rebuild their lives. He has a video that discusses Ozone as a cancer treatment. Watch it HERE.

Meditation & Yoga

Meditation, yoga and deep breathing exercises allow us to quiet our minds and get into a different headspace. Meditation allows us to relax, calm down and leave all troubles outside ourselves for those few minutes. It can give you peace of mind, mental clarity, guidance, and may improve our wellbeing and health situation. The subconscious is very powerful and many people have altered their conditions and healed. If you haven’t tried meditation or yoga, there are many free videos that can assist you. Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches the Placebo Effect and countless people have healed from unbelievable conditions. Educate yourself and begin to take control of your health.

Give Back

Pay it forward. Giving back to others is an important process for all people. The more you can do for others, the better it is for you. Learning some insights and sharing them with other people is a way to give back without expecting anything in return. When you help a stranger or someone in need, you’ll feel good and positive. And this is so good for your morale.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It’s not intended to offer any medical advice whatsoever. If you have any health concerns, see your healthcare provider.


  • I am sorry you lost your sister to cancer last year. My husband is a 5 year survivor from AML (Leukemia). I also lost a brother last year to pancreatic cancer and his 2 year old grandson, my
    great nephew who was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer at 14 months (Rhabdoid tumor). They passed away within a month of each other. Cancer is definitely a plague. It is wonderful and amazing that new treatments are on the horizon, I have seen those differences in just the last 5 years for AML since my husband’s battle. I think medical science has come a far way, and pharmaceutical treatments are sometimes the only way to deal with certain cancers. If my husband had not received chemotherapy when he was first diagnosed he would have died within days. In fact the Doctor’s were not sure if they could treat him at all. Not all cancers are the same, not all are treatable in the same way. I am not against holistic methods in treatment. I just want to say though that we need to be so careful in how we share information with those who are battling, as sometimes what and how we share turns into burden, guilt, frustration and added unintentional negative emotions. Sometimes what we share has no bearing on treating the cancer they have. Blood cancers are very different from different types masses in different areas. So all this to encourage people to be very sensitive to those who are in a battle. Taking steps to stay healthy is always the best course for all our lives.

    • I do appreciate that some suggestions may not resonate with everyone, but then they may also be the program that works for someone. I’ve dealt with 3 different cancers in my family, so having a variety of options available is in my opinion showing kindness. I wish someone told me about a few of these programs, my sister might be alive.

      Thousands and thousands have healed from all forms of cancers naturally. Their testimonies are available to the public to read and get insight.

      Being balanced in mind, body and spirit has everything to do with healing. What I share may not have a bearing on the cancer you’ve dealt with, but it may help others in their situation. It’s a personal choice and no one should be judged for which course of action they take. Whether allopathic or holistic, I wish all to heal. I’m so happy your husband is doing well; it was wonderful to read.

  • My best friend and sister in law are both going through Chemo re Breast Cancer. Thank you for this message post. I’ve been wondering how I can help and this has given me idea’s. Books on meditation. Maybe a yoga session together. etc.

  • I lost my mother to cancer i look after her at her home and she only had to be in the hospitial one day and night .before she passed away. It still haunts me to this day. How she suffered. I will never for get it. I will leave it at that. I am very sorry for you sister.

  • When I had breast cancer I never thought of it beating me. I knew I would beat it. It is also very shocking how many foods we eat that have hormones which contribute to female cancers. Flax lavender,oregano and so on. I am the youngest of 5 females and the only one who got cancer and the only one who had flax daily in my shakes and ate healthier. ????

  • Thanks for sharing this post. Some great information. I need to start taking care of me instead of everyone else. Some useful information

  • These may seem obvious preventive measures but once that I am neglecting. As someone who life has been touched multiple times by cancer, I need to get on board with your recommendations.

  • I practice all these and would like to say that making your water alkaline to prevent cancer is also a good idea and visualization .Just add lemon to your water everyday .

  • I’m so sorry about your sister. I think our diets are the #1 way to decrease our risk of cancer. Our diets are filled with processed food and nothing but sugar. Inflammation is the root of all disease, including cancer. A proper diet with fresh whole fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish can help to decrease inflammation, prevent disease and help us heal. I do not have the perfect diet. I definitely preach more than I practice. So, I definitely need to get with the program before it’s too late. I think we’re all living on borrowed time and playing Russian roulette the longer we wait to change our diets.

  • I hate that word cancer and it has taken so many of my loved ones! my husband is one year cancer free thank goodness, but throughout all of his treatments he always stayed positive and never stopped doing whatever, and I think that has helped a lot, the doctors were pretty amazed with him as well, I believe it’s all in your attitude towards life as well!!

  • I think everyone has been effected by cancer, which is a lot of people to have cancer! I think lifestyle and diet and exercise play a roll but I personally think its just luck (bad) of the draw as to who gets it. I think that more research needs to be done to find out EXACTLY why one person gets it and another does not.

  • Wonderful post! These suggestions will prevent all sorts of physical ailments. I agree that positive thinking can go a long way. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Love this!Being positive and a good diet and exercise can help so much for prevention.I have lost a few people to cancerand it is aweful and sometimes unpreventable but we should treat ourselves right and try.

  • Thanks for this wonderful feature and awesome advice. I sincerely believe in the laws of attraction and the powers of positive thinking. It is eminent to remember that positive thinking is important and so beneficial to our health.

  • This is a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE disease!!
    I never really knew that there was so many types of cancer until I had cancer myself!
    I am so SORRY about your beloved sister!!
    In my opinion, these tips are good, but I think one of the most important tips is not listed! That tip is prayer! I am a recipient of the power of prayer! God is the ultimate physician!! HE works miracles!!!

  • Lots of good thoughts here! i so agree With the first one especially! I lost my father to cancer last year, it was a shock, passed within 3 days of diagnosis…thank you for the post!

  • I’m really sorry to hear about your sister, i will keep yall in my prayers. I believe in positive thinking and how being positive can help others sometimes. These are all wonderful tips, thanks so much for sharing!

  • I have to some self exploration to find some physical activity that I would like to change up my sedentary lifestyle.

  • I am sorry for your loss.I have lost several family members and countless friends to this dreadful disease.I think you should try what ever options make the most sense to you.My dear childhood friend had worked in a hospital for the last 10 years of her life.She choose to do an all natural regime and she only lived 10 months after diagnosis.But she was able to travel and accomplish many things until about 10 days before she passed.
    My Mom had nearly 4 months of chemo and radiation together.She really had no quality of life once she started treatment.We decided as a family not to do her last 2 treatments,on the recommendation of her oncologist.We brought her to a hospital closer to home,and her golf buddies were able to visit and say their goodbyes.She passed away 3 days after the move.

  • I need to do all of those things listed. I used to exercise a lot last year and was on a diet but I stopped doing both. I plan on getting back into it.

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