FoodSaver FM2000 Vacuum Sealing System

During the summer, my pantry does not get a lot of traffic. We like to make simple and cool meals that require little time or heat. As the warmer season is winding down, I’m back in the pantry taking stock. I was a little surprised to see packages left partially opened or completely unsealed for who knows how long. I also went through my fridge and freezer and was aghast at the food that had spoiled. These foods are not that old, but they perished so quickly. It’s easy to see how we can lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars on our grocery budget every year. I have the ideal product that will not only keep food longer; it will also save us tons of money. It’s the FoodSaver 2000!



*1 – Operating Manual

*3 – Quart Bags
*2 – Gallon Bags
*1 – 11” x 10’ Roll
*1 – Accessory Hose


Key Benefits
*Compact size with minimal operation
*Air Tight Heat Seal
*3-position easy lock latch closure
*Less bag waste
*Accessory port and hose vacuum seals canisters
and marinates food in minutes
*Patented removable, dishwasher-safe drip tray

The FoodSaver 2000’s new technology has made this device the number one vacuum sealer on the market. It’s modern, sleek and edgy design is appealing and blends easily with all kitchen decors. It’s modest in size, lightweight, and comes with a starter kit. With just a few simple steps, you can vacuum seal the freshness in your food for weeks, months and even years.


The FoodSaver 2000 is incredibly easy to use and includes a starter kit. The kit comes with two pre-cut sizes of bags, plus an uncut roll. The uncut roll is a huge bonus, I love it, it gives you the freedom to choose the length of bag required. The result is 40% reduction in bag waste, yields more bags per roll, and saves you money. It will also give you an idea of what works best for your family’s needs.

I personally prefer to cut my own bags; unfortunately, you have to do this manually with this unit. Measure the length you need and add an additional three inches for sealing. Once cut you can proceed to seal one open end before adding your food. To do this, you’ll need to put one open end of the bag in the Vacuum Channel, turn the lever on the left side of the device to ‘Operate‘ mode and press Seal. The indicator light will turn on while working and will shut off automatically when sealing is done. Now, unlock and check out the neat and perfect seam the unit makes. The bag is now ready for you to add your food. You’ll need to seal the other end by following the same steps, but this time you’ll press the ‘Seal and Vac‘ button. This function will remove all the air out of the bag and then heat seal the end. You can tell it’s working by the unmistakable noise it makes, but it only lasts a few seconds. That’s it; you’re done. Just date your package and store!

We also discovered you can reseal store-bought bags of chips, cookies, pretzels, and more. Their bags fit right into the FoodSaver and are quickly resealed. I’m so impressed with the amount of food saved and the versatility of this appliance. Its portability makes it user-friendly.

Included in the unit is a removable Drip Tray; it catches any excess moisture that is drawn out of the bags. It also has an Accessory Hose which, is compatible with all food saver containers and accessories.

It keeps food fresher up to 5x longer and saves lots of food waste. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty and is priced for all budgets. We love the FoodSaver and have used it to seal every kind of food that needs to stay fresh for an extended time. We deem it a must-have kitchen appliance for all homes. It’s ideal for a busy home to a busy student.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.


  • Why I would like to win this is I support 3 community supported agriculture CSA’s and have loads of veggies and meats that need to be prepped and stored. It would save sooo much time and shelf space.

  • I would like to win this so I can save money by throwing out less spoilage. It will also help when I stock up my freezer for the winter.

  • I have wanted one for a long time, I know I should have bought one… but I think it would be really handy to have for packaging up meals for in the freezer.

  • would be so handy to use for all our veggies, fruits, cheeses, to keep them fresh and or freeze for later use!

  • I would love this as I buy food in bulk like meats and hate when they get freezer burn before I use them up

  • I could make a lot of use of this Foodsaver 2000. I volunteer as a gleaner and donate tons of food to the local foodbank. I am convinced there would be less food wasted and spoiled if it was sealed and frozen. I could save a lot of money for my small family.

  • Would love to win this to help keep our food fresh longer and help prevent the freezer burn we get with using the zip type bags.

  • I would like to win this so I can save money…. Only my husband and I at home now and sometimes we end up throwing out food….this would help us save our food

  • Now that I’m on my own I find that portions of nearly everything I buy are too large for me so I need to freeze a lot of food, bread, meat, cooked meals etc etc. This would help me enormously. 🙂

  • My family wastes so much money on letting the food spoil. I want to be able to keep our food fresh longer!!!!

  • I want to win this FoodSaver FM2000 Vacuum Sealing System because it keeps food fresh up to 5x longer. I would like to be able to save money and have food last longer, for the family. I want to seal more to save more!!

  • I would love this to put up many of my garden veggies, they’re overflowing this year. They’d all keep a lot longer!

  • I have a large garden, so I have lots of produce that needs to be preserved, This would be very helpful.

  • I have been wanting a Food Saver for the longest time, maybe I’ll get one this time!

  • I am the only one in my house that eats meat and well its really too expensive to buy single portions and its even harder to find them. So makes more sense to me to buy big and package small. However if its in my freezer in freezer bags for longer than 3 weeks it gets freezer burnt. This would be an answer to that very expensive problem 🙂

  • I like to take advantage of specials at the grocery store and am concerned at times about safe storage of various foods. Properly sealed packages would help prevent loss and wastage while ensuring the freshest possible quality.

  • With my garden this would be a great way to save money and also food that is bought. I can’t serve daycare kids home processed (canned foods) so anything served to them must be frozen or fresh or bought canned. This would be a great savings in money and also healthy too.

  • This would save us a ton of money, we could keep things fresh instead of throwing them out!

  • I am tired of wasting food. Been saying I would like to get one of these for the longest time.

  • i love shopping in bulk , my favourite store is costco for meat and veggies , I’m always buying bulk veggies and have to toss half sometime cuz i didn’t get to use it in time , this would be so awesome to have to freeze everything in air tight seal

  • I would love to win this because it would keep our food fresher a little longer which would be a wonderful thing! It would also be easier to buy meat in bulk. Freezer bags are swell, but they don’t work half as good as i wish they would.

  • I have a garden, it would be awesome to store apples, tomatoes and other produce to keep better during the winter with this system!

  • I would love to win this prize so I can quit wasting money on food that gets freezer burnt and has to be thrown out!

  • This would be nice to win as I buy in bulk and repackage everything, but there is times when the product goes freezer burnt, and this machine would help with that and save me more money!!

  • I have ALWAYS wanted one of these. They are never in the budget, but I have always seen the need for them and really want one.

  • I like to shop at Costco and I package my meat in 3. It is a problem when I have company . With this vacuum sealer I could Do some singles incase I need extra. I also like to grow a garden and freeze some for winter.

  • Freezer bags aren’t really thAt great and we end up throwing stuff out. This would be great and would save on the food costs!

  • Cause i just moved last month in my first house. I finally have a real freezer in the basement and i don’t have a Foodsaver to seal my food properly so it will not “burn” with the cold. And i really think i deserve one you know 😉 Have a nice day!

  • I always wanted one of these. I would want one because it would save me tons of money. Less wasting food.

  • It would help with food bills by allowing us to buy in season and in bulk, and preserve excess for when fresh foods aren’t as cheap.

  • I would like to win as it would be very useful in freezing 50 pounds of smoked sausage this coming winter. It would also be very useful in freezing vegetables for the winter.

  • I have wanted to have one of these sealing systems for quite some time. I have to keep a very close eye on my freezer to ensure I don’t waste food.

  • This would be awesome to freeze Deer meat, garden vegetable, left over and repacking family pack into portion.

  • I like to make big batches of beans and grains but need a compact way to store them. I also like to save produce while it is fresh to use in the off season. A vacuum sealer would help with both.

  • I find the best way to preserve garden veggies & fruits is to freeze them. So this vacuum food saver machine would be so helpful in doing that. So…that is basically why I would like to win this giveaway.

  • As a single person, I have to buy food that sometimes only comes in large quantities, to be able to save some money. I don’t like throwing out unused portions, so this food saver would greatly help me 🙂

  • I want to win as I am tired of the food waste in my house. From freezer burnt food way too soon to food in the holiday trailer going to waste as the fridge freezer isn’t quite as efficient as the big deep freeze in my house. Also I could use this to seal leftovers instead of using plastic wrap that I fight with on a daily basis.

  • I can’t afford to throw money away. This will make it easier to save money by not throwing away so much food.

  • I want the Food Saver because it stops food from getting freezer burn and it helps keep the freezer organized. I buy meat in large quantities so this also makes it easier to freeze smaller portions. I would love a Food Saver.

  • to stop throwing out food because of freezer burn or because it got stale or mouldy. With the price of groceries this really is a necessity.

  • My family is on a budget and this prize will help us preserve food longer so our money can go further.

  • I love to food prep! Doing this and putting them in the freezer especially for soups, stews, meat .. etc is great!

  • I would love to win this to help eliminate food waste in my home and also to be able to buy and cook in bulk would be great

  • To preserve fruit and vegetables and meat and fish when my husband hunts. I would probably make jerkys and dried fruits.

  • I’d love to have this to keep the vegtables fresh longer that I don’t use up quickly. I could divide them up like cut the lettuce, cabbage, etc in half and keep it longer using the other half first. Also it would be nice to keep excess flour, sugar, and dry products sealed and stored in as I buy a lot of foods in bulk. And meats can last longer in the freezer with using this sealer, without getting any freezer burn.

  • I have always been a fan of FoodSaver. It’s one of the most used appliances in our kitchen. We have gone through 3 of them over the years, would be nice to have a back-up on the shelf.

  • This would be a great way to prevent wasting food and keeping everything delicious for longer.

  • I freeze alot of fresh fruit over the summer for winter smoothies. I need to have the food saver to preserve the freshness of my fruit. Buying fresh fruit in the winter is too expensive!

  • I really need a better way to package my garden’s bounty in addition to the bulk meat I purchase. plus, I love to store dry good in mason jars and the foodsaver fm2000 has an accessory port to make this happen.

  • I’m trying to eat more at home to save money. This will help me save my food longer <3 I want <3

  • This a smarter and more economical way to store food. This will eliminate freezer burn and food will retain its original fresh taste.

  • I hate wasting food that shouldn’t be wasted. This would also be great for stocking up on meats that are on sale.

  • We have left overs and this would be the ideal thing to put them in to seal. Also we buy in bulk and need this to put food in the freezer and not take up much room. Have always wanted one.

  • I have been wanting one of these for a long time. I want one so I can portion out meat and keep it safe from freezer burn.

  • I would love to win this to save money for my family!! I would love to reduce our amount of food waste.

  • I would love to win the vacuum sealer to save on money. I would be able to purchase larger package of food which are cheaper. Portion them and freezer them without the risk of freezer burn. Also less food wastage.

  • We tend to waste so much produce, I would love to win this to try to save our food from going bad and in turn, save some money.

  • This product would really help me keep the fresh produce that I buy at the farmers market, longer and more fresh.

  • I would like to win it as I had one years ago and it worked a lot better than any other system for keeping food in the feezer.

  • I’ve always wanted one, it would be very useful to me as I buy a lot of produce in bulk.

  • I would like to win because I think this is better than using food containers to keep food fresher longer.

  • I would love this in my kitchen. It would help cut down on food waste and keep food fresh. We have a great vegetable garden and I would love to seal some of those yummy veggies up.

  • This would help me for freezing meat I buy in larger quantities when it is on sale. I would also help preserve produce so I wouldn’t end of throwing as much out.

  • I always end up with freezer burned food even though I try to my utmost to get all the air out before freezing

  • I’d love to win this so I can stop watching us throw away spoiled food! We are very guilty of that!

  • I will soon be moving to Ecuador and the fruits and vegetables there are HUGE, much bigger than I can consume in a single meal. I wish to preserve the leftovers for a second and third day feast.

  • the farmers’ markets are overflowing with produce. it would be great to be able to increase the freshness. thanks

  • I have a real problem with my current freezer. All of my food gets freezer burnt within a week. I think this vacuum sealer would be the perfect solution to my problems! Thanks again!

  • I want to be able to freeze the fresh fruits and veggies we get over the summer to be able to enjoy in the winter

  • It would be amazing to save money by not wasting and sealing up some left overs and create freezer meals for future meals, stock up for weeks at a time, and keep our meat fresh after hunting season!!

  • I want to win a Vacuum sealer Food Saver to keep my food fresh longer.I hate to waste food and love to store all the awesome fruits and vegetables we get from the garden in the fall.This would be so wonderful to have!!! Thank you for the chance to win.

  • I would love to win so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting freezer burn to my frozen meat, vegetables and fruit

  • I would love to win because I always have left overs and this would be a great way to save it.

  • I generally try not to discard any food, however I do sometimes throw out some veggies that have been laying around abit too long.

  • I would love to win because I love to buy in bulk when things are on sale/clearance, and it would be so awesome to be able to freeze everything properly for future use. I’ve always wanted one of these!!

  • I would like to win to save money. I am always throwing out freezer burnt meat. this would really come in handy.

  • I would like to win to have this to separate my meat and know it wont go to freezer burn & also to wrap my cheese to make it last longer…

  • OMG, this would save me tons of $ by buying bulk & put in the freezer. Divine. . Wow, prize food saver is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂

  • I want to win because my son don’t eat alot of meet so its only two of us would be nice to buy value packs and split.

  • I want to win because we try hard not to waste food and grow our own in a garden, but we typically end up wasting because we aren’t a big family

  • I want to win because my husband and I have a very tight budget. Winning this would help us to waste less food. Food that can be used for future meals. And I would love to have healthy pre-cooked foods ready made for the times that my husband and I don’t feel well enough to cook a meal from scratch.

  • I have wanted one for years. Being able to buy/make bulk products so they are cheaper then portioning it up and storing it, it is the best idea.

  • I have been wanting to get a Food Saver to help preserve all of my fresh vegetables. Great sweep.

  • This would be great, it would really help me save money by buying meat when it is on sale and dividing it up for quick servings.

  • I’ve been wanting one of these for years! It’s a very efficient way to save money and time after preparing food and wanting to freeze it.

  • I have been wanting a new one of these for a few years now. The last one I had was so flimsy that as soon as it got a little water on it it died on me right in the middle of freezing tons of summer vegetables.

  • Would love this prize because I would like to freeze my meat in smaller portions and this would help to keep it fresh.

  • I’d love to win this because it would help me save on food by being able to freeze more things and have less waste!

  • I would like one of these because my frozen food would last longer and not get as much freezer burn! Thanks for the great contest!

  • This would really help my family save on groceries and reduce on wasted food, and help us save leftovers for a later date. Not to mention it would help us to prepare meals in advance so we could eat healthy even when no one feels like cooking.

  • My friend has a garden, she’s always giving us fresh veggies & to be honest a lot of it goes bad. It feels like such a waste when I have to throw it out. It would be nice to have a product like this to keep them longer.

  • I love to stock up on food when products go on sale, so saving it to last longer is an ongoing problem-to-solve for me.

  • We need one of these so bad! We grow our own veggies but not everything can be canned and a lot goes to waste and doesn’t freeze well in open air ziplock bags. My husband really wants one of these for his ‘prepping’ as well.

  • I’ve been wanting a vacuum sealer for years. I’d like to be able to buy in bulk and still keep my food fresh.

  • I currently store everything in containers or freezers bags in the freezer as i have a garden to i have a lot of freezing to do , this would make it a lot easier, it would give me more room and keep my products fresher, awesome giveaway ! 🙂

  • I would love this as we would use it often! Our vacuum sealer just quit working. We like to buy in bulk and freeze and this would be so awesome to have!

  • I would love to win so that I can save money by buying in bulk when meats and veggies are on sale/in season and then freezing.

  • Want to win this prize because I throw away lots of food that could be saved if it was stored properly.

  • We’re very much food-preppers in our household. All of our vegetables come from the garden, not the store…. and while I adore canning, the excess sodium can be unhealthy. I’d rather freeze most of our produce.

  • I want to win because it would be such a money-saver! I am really an a super tight budget, so this would help.

  • I want to win this prize pack for my mom as this will definitely helps her to have more storage space in her fridge

  • my son is always borrowing mine so if I won this would make a great gift for him and save me from lending him mine

  • I would love to win this to be able to better store my foods and also insure they keep fresh longer.

  • I love to freeze our garden vegetables. My husband has been wanting one of these for quite awhile, as well.

  • I would love to win this because I could us some room in the freezer and with this it would help. I could save a lot with this vacuum sealer. Thanks for the chance.

  • Oh! My fiance is going to be in a body building show, and something like this would be great for portioning out meats, meals, and so on. Make it so easy for him to deal with his many, many daily meals! 🙂

  • Being vegetable season it would come in so handy. I am sure it would save me a lot of money when it comes to leftovers.

  • I’d like to win because the new FoodSaver FM2000 Vacuum Sealing System keeps food fresh up to 5x longer and I have always wanted one of these neat devices…thanks!

  • I would love to win this for my sister. I know she has really been wanting a vacuum sealer, so it would make a great Christmas present.

  • what better way to keep the ultimate in freshness for the future when it’s otherwise unavailable.

  • I. Would love to own one of these. I think my freezer would be better organized, my lunches would be easier to pack, and I would save money.

  • i’m trying to eat healthier and this would be a lifesaver..and i have a 6 year old boy who likes to eat!!!

  • I would like to win because we eat home a lot and the sealer would come in handy for leftovers.

  • I would use this to help save my family money on the grocery bill by buying meat in bulk and vacuum sealing to keep the food fresh

  • The foodsaver would be perfect for our house. We grow alot of of veggies and well as pickup from the market. Yesterday I just did red peppers & egg plant on the BBQ and bagged them for later

  • I’ve been wanting one of these systems for awhile now. We have so much food spoilage in our house for a variety of reasons and I’d love to be able change that.

  • I would love to win this so I can stop throwing out so much food and save a lot of money at the same time.

  • I want to buy either a 5 or 7 cubic foot freezer and could definitely use this to help me save and protect the food I intend to put in it.

  • I have been wanting a Food Saver for years but have never broke down to get one. To have a Food Saver to save all my freezer food without getting freezer burned would be amazing!

  • I would make my own organic treats and now that my daughter has to be gluten free, I can control what she is eating.

  • I would like to win this price as we always have leftover food from the meal and need a airtight way of saving the food from exposure to the elements. This looks like a really cool prize

  • my family only shops once a week and we buy lots of meat and veggies. winning this will help us save by preventing food from spoiling and lets us buy more bulk items

  • My mom has fed hundreds of people and is constantly giving away food. Her food saver was a cheap knock off and finally broke. I would love to give her a real Food Saver. She has been and always will be my role model for generosity.

  • I would love this because I do a lot of my own sausage, beef jerky and pulled pork etc cooking. This would be great for sealing and prolonging the life span of the ingredients in the freezer. Than you.

  • I usually just can my my vegetables from my garden. The vacuum seal system is something I would like to try.

  • Looks like it would be useful for keeping
    food fresh. Would review makes it seem
    easy to use. thanks for the tips.
    Nic to have fresh fruit and vegs, in season
    all year round.

  • I would love to have this cause I love have this to make freezing my food so much better and my food wont be freezer burnt,

  • I am tired of going into the freezer and coming upon items that are freezer burnt, this will take care of that problem. Thanks for the contest

  • I’d like to win this because I would like there to be more room in my freezer and this would make things take up less space.

  • I would really like to win this because I could use it. Meat is so expensive so I like to buy it on sale and freeze it. I think it would last much longer with this product.

  • I spoke with my sister yesterday and she has a resealable bag system. Protecting meats from freezer burn and making my own freezer yogurt squeeze bars would be great.

  • I hate it when my meat gets freezer burn. I am tired of spending money on food and it spoils. I also think it is a great way for me to prepare some meals for my daughter away at University.

  • I would like to win because I would like to have my food last longer in the fridge so we can stop wasting to much food.

  • Sometimes my leftovers go bad before I can eat them all. I hate wasting food, and this would save me a lot of money in the long run. I hope that I win!

  • My husband and I will be moving into our new condo soon and it would be great to have this sealing system in our new kitchen! Plus,we alway’s have lots of leftovers and with this system,our food would stay fresh longer and that,means,less waist on food!

  • I’d love to win this, because we have begun homesteading, and have a huge garden. I want to preserve veggies, herbs and fruit.

  • It would be great to win as I believe it would keep food longer and prevent waste which helps when food cost so much already. It also helps with seperating into portions rather than freezing something all together. It also would save space in the freezer.

  • I would love to win this because it would help me keep healthy foods on hand! I am currently trying to improve my eating habits and fitness level.

  • I would love to win because I try to buy foods when they are on sale and this would allow me to buy more and store them longer since they won’t get freezer burn as quickly.

  • i would love to win one of these it would help out so much with running a day care I package for in freezer bags for 1 to 2 kids for meals this would be so much more convienet thanks for the chance.

  • I would love this because our freezer like to freezer burn our foods and we have to then waste them,,,this could really help.

  • This would be perfect to save summer veggies from my garden. Could cook meals for the month in advance and have more time for school homework with my grandkids……

  • My old sealer died. I have the bags and I’ve been too busy/cheap to replace it. And I miss being able to use it in a pinch. Now I’ve got sealer envy seeing this one.

  • I would love to win this prize so that I could buy larger quantities of meat when it’s on sale and then freeze the extra portions for later use and save lots of money. 🙂

  • I would like to win this to keep foods fresh longer. I never used/owned any type of food sealing system.

  • I would love to win this prize so that I could freeze things without being so concerned about them getting freezerburnt!

  • This really will come in handy in this house. We cook a lot. Sometimes food goes to waste because we forget there are some in the back. We need to learn to preserve foods more better and often.

  • I would love to win this prize, we like to cook ahead and freeze our meals and this would make it so handy and very safe

  • I do a lot of canning and freezing so having a vacuum sealer would preserve all the food I put up longer. I would be able to also save space in my freezer by vacuum sealing it all. I love that you can select the size of your bags. We are raising pigs for the first time this year so I not only have all the garden produce and spices but meat to so saving space is important too. Thanks for sharing this FoodSaver FM2000 Vacuum Sealing System with us~!

  • I’m an hunter and I also buy my meat by the whole animal so this would allow me to preserve my meat for longer and save more money

  • i would love to win this because i like to buy lots of meat when its on sale but it does not stay fresh long . this would be great for keeping it fresh .

  • I would love to win because meat is so expensive these days and I could buy more when it is on sale and save money by using the the Food Saver to protect it and freeze it.

  • I want to win because I’m tired of wasting food. Food is so expensive today that any food wasted is just wrong. My budget can’t handle it and yet it happens. I see a good deal and I buy extra but that deal is worthless if the food goes to waste.

  • I really want to win this vacuum sealing system by Food Saver so I can store food, and not waste anything, to be able to keep food fresh, longer and be able to freeze more. Thank you.

  • One child suffering from sever food allergies necessitates fixing meals from scratch and it’s so much more efficient and economical to do a lot at once, then save it.